Good rides and great places to stop

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Atherton Tablelands

Good Rides and Great Places to Stop

Cyclists love getting outdoors and riding their bikes with friends and family. For many cyclists, their second favourite activity is to arrive at their local cafe or brewery afterwards and share stories about epic rides and to organise their next pedal adventure. In this article, I will share some amazing developments on the rail trail and then share my choice places to go for great coffee or beer. Coffee shops and dining venues on the Atherton Tablelands vary with their opening days and hours. This selection of destinations caters for many riders including the early riser, late morning starter and even the sunset pedaler.

Atherton Tablelands Rail Trail

The rail trail is one of our most important outdoor assets on the Atherton Tablelands. It provides brisk morning walkers with a fitness course, a safe way for young people to commute to school and an iconic experience for avid cyclist who travel the continent riding bikes on rail trails. Recently, the rail trail between Tolga and Hasties Road has received significant investment by our local volunteers. Thousands of trees and volunteer hours have gone into planting them along the rail trail system. Not only is this great for locals and visitors using the trail, but it is also a part of a significant project to reconnect the Mabi Forest across the Atherton Tablelands. Also, these new green additions will attract birds and butterflies, further beautify our wonderful towns, and encourage more locals and visitors to try the rail trail experience. In the years to come, these trees will offer long strips of shade for rail trail users.

Time for coffee or beer

I have chosen four great, bike-friendly destinations that are super easy to access when cycling on the rail trail between Tolga and Atherton. The following venues have the following bike-friendly aptitudes:

  • Close to the rail trail.
  • Bike racks available or somewhere to park your bike.
  • Can view your bike whilst dining.
  • Great atmosphere.
  • And…… good coffee or beer, of course.

As part of the rail trail experience, is to find the best places to meet for coffee or beer post-ride. Starting in Tolga, then Atherton, here are my suggestions to try.

Rail Trail – Tolga Section

Lenny Street Cafe

When rides finish in the small but expanding township of Tolga head to Lenny St. Cafe. Just off the rail trail, across the road from the Tolga Railway Museum, Lenny St. Cafe is one of the most recently opened cafes on the Atherton Tablelands. On the corner of the Kennedy Highway and Lennard Street in Tolga, this newly renovated house looks and feels modern, while still feeling warm and inviting. You can relax in the front yard at one of the shady picnic tables, head upstairs on the verandah or dine at one of the indoor tables.

Lenny Street Cafe
Kennedy Highway, Tolga
Thursday – Monday (Closed Tues & Wed)
8:30am- 2:00pm


Bike friendly- Bike rack available at the back and there is ample room along the inside of white-picket fence to lean a bike in view of the tables.

Rail Trail – Atherton Section

Village Kahawa

VK Cafe offers a different approach to dining that I have seen on the Atherton Tablelands. The cafe has a relaxed, chilled nature-vibe that can give a sense of being in nature. From the rail trail, ride up Jack Street and turn left onto Main Street. It is the third business on the left.

Village Kahawa

9 Main street, Atherton



Bike friendly options- Bike rack available on street frontage in view from outside tables and window front benches.

Crazy Cat

Crazy Cat Coffee owners, Chloe and Dallis are also mountain biking enthusiast and know how to impress a cyclist… with great coffee. This is a popular venue for the early morning riders. The best way to get there from the rail trail is to turn up Vernon Street. It is on the upper corner of Vernon and Main Street.

Crazy Cat Coffee

48 Main street, Atherton

Monday- Friday


Bike friendly options- No bike rack, however there is space for bikes on foot path in view from the tables.

Billycart Brewing Co

Billycart Brewing is nestled next to Mazlin Creek and offers a shady, natural setting and is ideal for those afternoon riders ready to wind down. The best way to cycle there from the rail trail is to use the underpass for the Kennedy Highway near the Mazlin Creek walking bridge at the eastern end, near Atherton BMX track. This takes you straight to the Brewery.

Billycart Brewing

65 Tolga Road, Atherton


12pm—8 or 9pm depending on the evening

Bike friendly options- Bike racks in view from the tables.

Other great cafes that provide bike racks for cyclists to use while they sip on their coffee are

Station Cafe
78-80 Weaver Street Atherton


Gallery 5
5 Atherton-Herberton Road, Atherton.

Article published in the What’s On & Where To Go magazine – April 2023 Edition

Leah Stevenson

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