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Coaches Leah & Rob love bikes and they want to share their passion with you! Leah and Rob both race competitive mountain bike races and they also hit the trails for fun. Leah & Rob met at a downhill mountain bike race at Smithfield Mountain Bike Park, near Cairns and they have been riding together ever since. Both are fully qualified instructors and can help you improve your mountain biking skills, so you have more fun on the trails.

Leah focuses on foundation skills and then taking them to the trails. Rob is about the rush of blood. Living on the Atherton Tablelands, near Cairns, they are ready to show you the best mountain biking in the region.

Leah and Rob are passionate about biking and the environment, showcasing some of the most unique areas on the Tablelands.

Leah Stevenson- Development Auscycling certified coach, & registered teacher.

Rob Stevenson- PMBIA Instructor and Foundation Auscycling certified coach

Contact us – info@offcamber.com.au Ph: 0427 733 967

Rob and Leah Off Camber
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